Ron James Amerindian Peoples Association

Ron James

Ron James is a Geography Information System (GIS) Specialist and Mapping Coordinator for the Amerindian Peoples Association, a non-governmental organization that seeks to promote and defend the rights of Indigenous Peoples of Guyana. In addition, Ron is a part-time Mapping Technician for the South Rupununi District Council (SRDC), the legal representative body for 21 villages in the South Rupununi. In these roles, Ron provides technical support for the monitoring programs run by the SRDC and the Upper Mazaruni District Council. For several years, both District Councils have been monitoring violations of their land rights – especially environmental degradation and illegal mining – using custom made questionnaires on smart phones to capture data which is used for advocacy purposes. Presently, Ron is coordinating the extension of these programs to include monitoring the adverse impacts of mining on water in the Upper Mazaruni region and Wapichan territory in Guyana.


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