María Mari-Narváez Kilómetro 0

María Mari-Narváez

María Mari-Narváez is a Puerto Rican writer, communicator, and change activist with an extensive background in police accountability and civic engagement. She is the founder of Kilómetro 0, an organization dedicated to securing state accountability and promoting citizen power in the areas of community safety, justice, and participation. Mari-Narváez has co-authored several books including Del desorden habitual de las cosas (Capicúa, 2015), Fuera del quicio (2008, Editorial Santillana), and En libertad, entrevistas a los ex prisioneros politicos puertorriqueños (Editorial Claridad, 2001). She holds a M.A. in Journalism and Latin American Studies, and has completed Ph.D. courses in History and Gender Studies at the University of Puerto Rico.


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