Lavar Edmonds Eviction Lab

Lavar Edmonds

Lavar Edmonds is a Research Specialist in the Eviction Lab at Princeton University, where his research focuses on the relationship between housing policy and education policy. The Eviction Lab is a team of researchers, students, and website architects who believe that a stable, affordable home is central to human flourishing and economic mobility. In the lab, Edmonds is responsible for data cleaning and analysis, and currently conducts studies on variation in eviction judgment amounts around the country and the effect of eviction and student mobility on academic achievement. A native of Norfolk, Virginia, Edmonds received a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Mathematics from the University of Mary Washington and a master’s in Education Policy from the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to arriving at Princeton, he also conducted research on academic outcomes for first-generation and traditionally underrepresented college students in Virginia, the efficacy of early childhood education programs in Philadelphia, and teacher attrition in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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