Cynthia Conti-Cook The Legal Aid Society

Cynthia Conti-Cook

Cynthia Conti-Cook is a Staff Attorney in the Special Litigation Unit of The Legal Aid Society in NYC where she supervises the Cop Accountability Database, leads impact litigation and law reform projects on policing, data collection, risk assessment instruments, and the criminal justice system generally as well as supporting staff in the trial offices. She recently helped launch the Society’s Cop Accountability Project database which tracks police misconduct and identifies patterns of police abuse in New York City. The database contains publicly available information from federal civil rights lawsuits brought against the NYPD and is used to assist public defenders with their cases, identify and litigate systemic civil rights abuses, and advocate for greater police transparency and accountability. Conti-Cook regularly serves as a panelist and trainer at several national, state, and city venues on topics of police misconduct, and has written articles about transparency and accountability of police disciplinary systems. Before joining Legal Aid, she was a civil rights litigator for seven years at a small Brooklyn law firm, Stoll, Glickman & Bellina, LLP, where she brought more than 100 civil rights lawsuits against police and correction officers in New York City and State.


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